Solar Panels for your Commercial Premises

If you are thinking about a renewable energy solution for your commercial premises then Solar Panels Cambs are a company that can help. Renewable energy not only offers a investment opportunity for businesses but a cost effective, visual statement to your customers, suppliers and employees that you are serious about your responsibility towards the environment. Installation of solar panels will allow you to maximise the value of your property and as each system is custom designed, we will ensure you maximise the return on your investment and meet the specific requirements of your business and commercial property.

It is no longer enough to prove your company is energy efficient. It may be a credential that will boost your company’s profile however for many large businesses it is now a legal requirement to meet CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme targets by using renewable sources. Solar panels are a proven and reliable technology that will provide the perfect renewable energy solution for your commercial premises. Solar panels are one of the cleanest sources of renewable energy with no noise or emissions and little or no maintenance. These are all very appealing aspects for a business in the commercial world.

Solar panels make great commercial sense

You could earn 8%-12% annual return on your investment for generating electricity by installing solar panels on your commercial buildings. The government offer an incentive scheme called Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) under which you will be paid for every kWh of electricity you generate from your system. Solar PV FiTs are guaranteed to increase annually by RPI inflation for 25 years, 2011 and 2012 increases were both 4.8%. The government deemed that you export 50% of the electricity you produce, so you are paid an additional 3p for each kWh you export back to the grid. By installing solar panels on your commercial property you will be protecting yourself and your business from rapidly rising energy costs as well as opening up an additional revenue stream and substantially reducing your current energy bills.

It is important to any commercial enterprise that business runs smoothly without interruption. When installing your solar panel system our team of experienced engineers will ensure there is minimum disruption to your business and its employees. First of all we will work with you to get the most out of your commercial property by designing a bespoke system that will ensure the maximum return on your investment. A member of our management team will be on site every step of the way and our solar panel installation team will work diligently and methodically ensuring the project is completed on time with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact our team of specialists today and they will be happy to answer any queries you have with regards to installing solar panels on your commercial property.

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