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Are you considering investing in renewable energy? Renewable energy is the intelligent investment choice offering reduced energy bills, an additional revenue stream from Government incentives and protection against rising energy costs. Solar panels also provide a visual demonstration of your corporate commitment to the environment whilst lowering your CO2 emissions and so reducing your carbon footprint and reducing the “energy taxes” business pays through the climate change levy(CCL) and the CRC energy efficiency scheme. Solar Panels Cambs is a company that can help you. We have over 12 years experience in the property and renewable energy markets. We offer honest, unbiased advice for customers considering installing solar panels on their business premises.

In these environmentally conscious times, businesses have to prove that they are operating in an energy efficient way. Although “sustainability” is a buzz word it should be more than just a PR exercise to boost your company’s profile, there is a legal requirement through the climate change levy(CCL) and the CRC energy efficiency scheme to reduce CO2 emissions and meet efficiency targets by using renewable energy sources. By installing solar panels on the roofs of your business premises you will be using one of the cleanest sources of renewable energy, with no noise or emissions and little or no maintenance. You can reduce your CO2 emissions and carbon footprint whilst maximising your business assets.

Additional revenue stream with solar panels for business

By installing solar PV panels on your business premises you will be shielding your business from increasing energy costs as well as significantly reducing your energy bills – by up to 25%. Your business can earn an annual return on investment (ROI) of 8%-12% from the government’s Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme. The FiT scheme pays you for every kWh of electricity generated from your business solar panel system, whilst you are free to use as much of the electricity you produce as you wish. You are also paid an additional premium for each kWh you export back to the grid. The FiT’s payments you receive will vary depending on the size of the solar panel system you install but they are guaranteed to increase annually by RPI inflation for the 25 years length of the contract.

We will work with you from the initial consultation and design stage right through to installation and commissioning. We will ensure you get the most out of your investment by designing a bespoke solar panel system that fits your business needs. One of our management team will be on hand during the installation to ensure it all goes smoothly and that there is no disruption to your business. You can rely on our team of experienced MCS certified installers whose detailed and conscientious approach will ensure you are 100% satisfied with your solar panel installation. Contact our experienced team today for more information.

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