Benefits of the MCS scheme for solar panel purchasers

Benefits of the MCS scheme for solar panel purchasers

The MCS is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme which demonstrates to customers that the company they have chosen to install their Solar panel system has been tested and met rigorous standards of design, installation, set-to-work and commissioning of Solar panel technology.

Similar to the Corgi/Gas Safe Register, MCS certification gives a mark of competency and demonstrates that the company you have chosen is competent to install Solar panel systems to the highest quality standards and also to provide you with an MCS certificate which allows you to claim your Feed in Tariffs for the electricity you generate from your MCS certified Solar Panels.


The MCS regulates, on behalf of the Government, the Product Certification of micro-generation technologies used in the UK. Solar Panel product certification demonstrates that manufacturers have satisfied stringent quality and reliability standards following rigorous type testing; assessment of manufacturing processes; materials; procedures and staff training. We only sell products that comply with all relevant International Electrotechnical Commission (IET) standards.

Feed in Tariffs

Accreditation by the micro-generation certification scheme demonstrates the quality and competence of both the product/technology and the installer you chose. Both the technology/product installed and the installer must be MCS certificated for the customer to be eligible to claim FiTs. What this means is that installers and products that have earned the micro-generation certification scheme mark are the preferred option in the market place giving our customers peace of mind.

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