Commercial Installations

Solar energy is the intelligent investment choice to reduce energy bills. You also get additional savings from the Government and long term protection against rising energy costs.

An investment in Solar panels today is a visual demonstration of your corporate commitment to the reduction in  CO2 emissions and the “energy taxes” you pay through the climate change levy and the CRC energy efficiency scheme.


Meeting your Energy Efficiency targets

Solar panels are a proven and reliable technology that provide a perfect renewable energy solution for your commercial premises. For larger businesses, ther is a legal requirement to meet the CRC energy efficiency targets form renewable sources, thats where we can help.

We are experienced in the property and renewable energy markets and offer clear and up-to-date advice for customers considering installing solar panels on their business premises.


Professional Installation

Our design team work with you from the initial consultation & design stages through to installation and commissioning. We know every installation is different and our bespoke designs ensure your return on investment (ROI) is maximised for your specific business.
A project manager is on hand during the installation to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

Contact our experienced team today for more information.

The Feed in Tariff

Solar PV panels shield your business from increasing energy costs as well as significantly reducing your energy bills. You can achieve earn an annual (ROI) of 8%-12% from the government Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme.

This pays you for the electricity generated from your solar panels, whilst you are free to use as much of the electricity generated as you need. You are then paid an additional premium for electricity exported to the national grid. The FiT’s payments are guaranteed for 25 years by government.

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