Solar panels for your farm buildings

Renewable energy offers an attractive investment opportunity for farmers and landowners. Solar panels for farm buildings require little maintenance and are a simple cost effective renewable solution for the agricultural industry. The installation of solar panels will allow you to maximise the value of your land and buildings, especially if they are currently being under used. Farms typically have large buildings with large roofs on which to install Solar Panels, which will ideally be south facing to ensure the greatest return. As result of recent changes to permitted development rights there are few planning issues involved in installing Farm Solar Panels but we can even advise you on the key issues to be aware off in terms of the structural integrity of roofs and planning.
With no noise or CO2 Greenhouse gas emissions solar panels are one of the cleanest renewable energies around which is important when considering a suitable resource for your farm. By reducing your CO2 emissions you will be demonstrating your green credentials to your suppliers and the local community. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, installing solar panels on your farm buildings will provide an additional revenue stream for your business. Government incentives for you to generate electricity are called Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) and by using the electricity you produce from the Solar Panels on your farm buildings you will make savings on your existing energy bills, potentially by up to 50% at times of maximum energy consumption peak use.

Solar panels provide income for your farm

By investing in solar panels for your farm and agricultural buildings you could earn 8%-12% annual return on your investment for the electricity you generate whilst using as much of it as you can. Government Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) are guaranteed to increase annually by RPI inflation for 25 years. Solar PV Feed in Tariffs increase by 4.8% in both 2011 and 2012. When you sell clean energy back to the grid (the government deem that you export 50% of the electricity you produce) you can get paid an additional 3p for each kWh you export. Solar panels provide you with an additional revenue stream for your farm at the same time as future proofing your farm business against the impact of rising energy costs.

Our team of experienced MCS certified solar panel installers work meticulously and swiftly to minimise disruption from the day to day operation of your farm. We have experienced engineers and designers who will work with you and specify the best system for your buildings as well as choosing the perfect location to ensure you get the greatest return from your investment. We will ensure a member of our management team will be present to oversee the installation of your solar panels so you can rest assured daily life on the farm will not be interrupted whilst we are on site. Our customer focused team will ensure your project is completed on time and we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your newly installed solar panels.

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